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1)  Create wallet on                Chikochain UI and            back-up your 12                  words.

2) Get the  browser                Polkadot signer                  extension and add            your Chikochain                account.

- Chikochain is a substrate based             blockchain built using Rust.


- Our infastructure boasts 3 second         block times.

- Chikochain is scalable using                   sidechains, bridges, and IPFS.

- Accounts can be managed                    on Chikochain's all-in-one UI                  management hub.

- Store accounts, balances, monitor        chain activity via the built in                  explorer.

- Fully compatible with the Polkadot    signer extension wallet.

- Via our EVM, Chikochain inherits          Solidity smart contract                            compatibility.


- Chikochain is Metamask desktop        wallet compatible using our node        RPC.

- Gas fees in CHK (native Chiko                token) allow developers to build          cost effective dapps that are                  responsive and don't cost the earth    for a large user base to enjoy!

- Access to existing off chain dapps 

  via our bridge using wrapped                CHK token.

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wCHK: 0x2e5E530dC2C6b2A8f214ee929dC4a302575881A9


wCHK: 0xbBC2839651192586a5b651F7268FCf3dF37D4f52


Access Chikochain Swap on your desktop here...

Input the swap amount you would like to exchange - CHK for WCHK.

Remember to leave some CHK in your wallet to pay for gas fees...


Getting started
with Chikochain resources...

Voting Platforms



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Exchanges - BSC

TARMEX2.png (1).png



In this blockchain model, a full Ethereum block is emulated within the Substrate runtime, and is generated post-block for the consumption rest of the APIs. In addition to Substrate account signing, traditional Ethereum transactions are also processed and validated.

An Ethereum-based blockchain can use the pre-block feeding strategy to migrate to Substrate. In the post-block generation model, the Ethereum block is generated after runtime execution. In the pre-block feeding model, the Ethereum block is feeded in before runtime execution.

A blockchain can first use pre-block feeding with empty extrinsic requirement. In this way, because no other external information is feeded, combined with a suitable consensus engine, one Ethereum block will have an exact corresponding Substrate block. This is called the wrapper block strategy, and it allows Chikochain to function as a normal Ethereum client.

The EVM module uses SputnikVM as the underlying EVM engine.

There are a separate set of accounts managed by the EVM. Our Substrate based accounts can call the EVM Module to deposit or withdraw balance from the Chikochain base-currency into a different balance managed and used by the EVM module. Once a user has populated their balance, they can create and call smart contracts using this module.

Substrate accounts and EVM external accounts are mapped via customizable conversion functions.

The EVM module should be able to produce nearly identical results compared to the Ethereum mainnet, including gas cost and balance changes.

Observable differences include:

  • The available length of block hashes are 256 and depend on the configuration of the System module in the Substrate runtime.

  • Difficulty and coinbase, which do not make sense in this model and is currently hard coded to zero.

Given one Ethereum transaction and one Substrate account's private key, one can convert any Ethereum transaction into a compatible transaction.


The Ethereum pallet enables full Ethereum block emulation, allowing Ethereum RPCs to be activated.


The Chikochain network was primarily built for the construction of a social media metaverse called 'The Chikoverse'. Construction of the metaverse will begin 2023 end -

Storage for the application will be handled on our main chain, coupled with side chains, bridges, IPFS, and additional storage silos that will run parallel to our main chain.

Smart contracts will handle business logic in a decentralised way, giving users a full stack experience.

- Unreal Engine

- Javascript

- Solidity smart contracts

- Main chain

The total supply of CHK (native Chiko tokens) in the Chikochain network number 100 billion. This number cannot be changed and is hard-coded into the balance pallet of the Chikochain network from genesis.

Genesis hash: 0x57c70f117093411b18a5e148cc655d25509bef949acb3c5ca0288dd8806bdce9

Meet The Team



  • Telegram_logo.svg

Yas Navabey - Admin

Yaz is a Chiko believer who keeps the positive vibes going in the community whilst overseeing the TG group chat.

He's a motivated and passionate crypto enthusiast with a data engineering background. Yas believes in the potential of decentralized systems to transform 
communities and industry.
Passionate member of the Hachiko BSC since early days, Yas is now dedicated to exploring new ways to bring value to the Chikochain community.
He uses his knowledge and expertise to drive progress and create positive impact in the project.


Chikochain General

  • Telegram_logo.svg

Nathan R - Lead Dev, Admin

An enthusiast in the cryptocurrency field, self-taught blockchain developer.
Community volunteer within the main admin group of the 'Pitbull Community Project' as admin, before joining the 'Hachiko BSC' community project.
Learned to build basic dapps before moving on to higher level development - including full stack development - and the creation of Chikochain for the new 'Chikochain Community project'.

logo_(1)_2 2.png

Chikochain community

  • Telegram_logo.svg

A powerhouse volunteer community of over 500 global members that deliver ideas, work on promotion and logistics, to see the ecosystem evolves the way they want it to.


Black Wolf

  • Telegram_logo.svg

Ludmila Boaventura - Design & NFTs


Specializes in Audiovisual and Multimedia, with experience in Digital Design, she discovered cryptocurrencies in 2015. 
Since then, she has been an enthusiast in several projects and an insatiable investor for believing in the power of cryptocurrencies in creating a new technological and economic era.

Several NFTS collections were created by her under the BMlayart  pseudonym, participating in both the web3 and the metaverse world.






2023 Chikochain Community Project

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